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You’re invited to showcase your songwriting or singing talents at our weekly “Discover Me’ open mic, broadcast live on! The events are every Saturday from 2-5 PM CST in our video studio in Nashville.

Why showcase?

• NEW FANS! Add the live StreetJelly viewers to your fan base/mailing list!

• GET GIGS! Invite venue managers and booking agents to see you perform live regardless of where they are!

• STAY IN TOUCH WITH CURRENT FANS – Invite your fans to view your showcase matter where they are in the world! It keeps you in the forefront of their minds.

• MEET NEW SONGWRITERS! Find new co-writers from the other performing writers/artists!

• SELL MORE MUSIC – If your music is for sale online, we’ll direct the viewers to it!

• GET ACCUSTOMED TO PERFORMING IN FRONT OF CAMERAS - If you’ve never performed in front of the camera, this is your chance to get some no-pressure experiEnce!

• GET A GREAT MULTI-CAMERA, HD LIVE VIDEO OF YOUR PERFORMANCE – This is ideal for promoting your live shows as well as for posting on your website and YouTube. There is a charge for this based on your individual needs. Contact

See more details and register for the event you want to perform at: