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[VIRTUAL] How To Have Code Reviews Your Developers Actually Want

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The phrase can stir up a lot of emotions for people. For some, it's aggravation because they're a waste of time, for others, it's stressful because it feels like you're getting personally attacked. However, for some, it's a great learning experience that leads to the team improving. Do you want to be in the latter group? Then this talk is for you!

In this presentation, I'll show you the benefits of code review and the business case for why they should happen. Next, I'll show some of the most common mistakes that teams make during the review process and how to mitigate them. After talking about the bad, we'll talk about what to look for in your code review process. Finally, I'll wrap things up by showing the game plan I use for code reviews.

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Cameron Presley is a lead software engineer for SentryOne (, a speaker, a Microsoft MVP, Director of Speaker Relations for CodeStock (@codestock) and co-organizer of FunctionalKnox (@FunctionalKnox).

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Cameron has ten years of experience working with start-ups and large enterprises both publicly and privately held to architect solutions, implement solutions, and training developers to be better today than what they were yesterday!

In his spare time, Cameron can be found hanging out with his family, playing board games, jammig on the bass guitar, and reading books.


5:30-6:00 – arrivals and networking time
6:00-6:15 – introductions, announcements
6:15-7:15 – the main event: coding, learning, speaker, Q&A, etc.
7:15-7:30 – wrap up


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us, your organizers, via Meetup or at We look forward to seeing you!

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