Introduction to Image Accessibility


When it comes to accessibility with images on the web, we are usually referring to the alt text. However, your images being fully accessible goes way beyond just making sure this attribute is present. What text gets put, or not put, inside of it depends greatly on the purpose of the image. This talk will takes a closer look at the different purposes an image can have and how that impacts the contents of its alt text as well as its level of accessibility. You will walk away from this talk with a greater understanding of how to better write alt text for your site's images, therefore improving accessibility in the process.

Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):

Amanda Hasenzahl, Web Developer at Lewis Communications

Speaker Bio:
Amanda is a self-taught developer who made the transition to tech from the world of outdoor recreation and customer service. One of her favorite things is watching her code come to life on screen, while also making sure that it is written cleanly and is accessible to as many people as possible. She enjoys learning something new every day and trying to be the best version of herself that she can be.


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