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In order to join this group you must be a licensed/insured, experienced motorcyclist, and be a responsible motorcycle operator. If you meet the criteria and are interested in group riding, visiting new places and meeting new people, we welcome you! All types and kinds of bikes are welcome also.

Although our group name is Nassau County MC Riders, we organize rides to various locations throughout the New York area as well as outside of New York.

To ensure everyone's fun & safety please review terms below, Only If you agree to the below, you may request membership:

Pay the $10.00 annual membership fee. This fee will be reduced as more members join. This covers costs to keep this Meetup group service online. Meetup charges fees to create these groups, and I think we should all share in those costs. If there are any remaining funds after the fees are paid to Meetup, we will use them to host a party or something. I will not be taking any money from the group.

Be safe, have fun and follow group riding guidelines.

It is expected that you treat everyone with respect during every ride or event you attend.

We follow all traffic laws.

Please be aware that there is a zero percent Alcohol/Drug policy on all rides and it is strictly enforced. Absolutely no drinking of any alcohol beverage will be tolerated. (This is for your safety and the safety of your fellow riders)

Please keep your motorcycle in good working order & maintain all necessary paperwork proving it's legality (Registration and insurance)

This group rides using a staggered formation. If you are not familiar with this, talk to the ride leader before the ride begins.

Everyone gets home safe. We leave no one behind. If you left with us, you return with us.

EZ pass is the most convenient way to get through the tolls. If you do not have an EZ pass, please let the ride leader know before the ride begins .

Motorcycle riding is both fun and dangerous. Each member and their guest(s) agrees that they participate by his/her own choice. Neither Nassau County Motorcycle Riders or it's Organizers, Co-Organizers, officers, or event co-coordinators assume any responsibility for any or all liability's resulting from any group related event. Any personal injury or property damage occurring during an activity or during personal travel to or from a Meetup is the responsibility of the individual. At no time shall Nassau County Motorcycle Riders or its organizers, co-organizers, officers, or event planners be held liable. You agree to participate in these events at your own risk.

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