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Run, Jump and Play with other small dogs in the spacious training room. This one is just for the little guys! Come join us for a fun indoor play group and social for Cavaliers and their people. Plenty of space with fun equipment set up to create a unique environment. This is a social for our human guests as well, so snack will be served!

Age Requirement:

Open to puppies 8 weeks-5 months Vaccination Requirement:

8-16 Weeks:
Proof of vaccination required.
In keeping with the recommendations of the American association of Veterinary Behaviorists ( http://www.hsmo.org/pet-training/avsab-on-importance-of-puppy.pdf ), we require all puppies to have received their 1st round of vaccination and be on and active inoculation schedule before entering the playgroup. 16-20 weeks:
Proof of vaccination required
Puppies 4 months and older will be required to be up to date on parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies vaccinations.

General Policies:
• Be friendly and socially appropriate with other dogs when around toys and other resources. • Have NO bite history toward people or dogs.

• Be on a flat buckle collar or harness (no choke, prong or shock collars are not permitted during off leash play)

If your dog is asked to leave the play group for any reason, you agree to do so immediately. Humans must be:

8 years of age or older.

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Little Puppy Play Group Natick, Ma

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Little Puppy Play Group Natick, Ma

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