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Calling all Italian speakers, Italian learners and Italy obsessed (21+). Let's enjoy five fun and relaxed evenings of conversation in Italian. Italian teacher, Carla Peretto, a native of the Veneto region, in Northern Italy, will facilitate a group conversation in a comfortable home setting with wine, cheese and dessert.


We will meet the fourth Monday of each month, February through June 2016, 7:30pm-9pm. After an open-subject conversation, we'll focus each meeting on a specific theme, inspired by readings, art, pictures, news, recipes and other.

$25 is the fee for each of the four meetings. Wine, cheese and dessert are included .

The fee is due before the first meeting.

1. March 28th. Now we are in Sicily: a "little country" inside a country. Anyone remember Cinema Paradiso ? A movie that has received many awards. We will watch a bit of it, just a taste, and we will share our opinions on the far-gone Sicily of those days, its language, culture, etc. Nero d'Avola wine, an appetizer and cannoli will complement the night.

2. April 25th. Let's go to Toscana. Art and beautiful architecture come to our mind when we think of Firenze. Let's share the experiences and interests that tie us to this multi-faceted region, from the coastline to the countryside. We'll sip on Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and sample cantucci toscani and pecorino romano.

2. May 23rd. Hands-on evening: pasta-making demo with a traditional tool, called torchio, (or torcio in the local dialect) from the Veneto region for making a type of thick and rustic spaghetti called bigoli. Of course, we will have to taste them, paired with wine and dessert. Sharing recipes will be part of the conversation.

4. June 27th. Italian writer Italo Calvino: excerpts from one of his novels, discussion about his style and his literary world. We'll share personal preferences on Italian writers, poets and genres, and talk about our plans for summer reading and traveling. Mystery wine, cheese and dessert.

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