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06/19/2013: "Master the Mobile Security Landscape"

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Date: Wednesday, June 19th, 6:30 PM
Location: 5th floor conference room, Schwartz MSL, 300 5th Avenue, Waltham, MA
Cost: Free and includes pizza!
Reservations: Required. Reserve here at Meetup or at

"Master the Mobile Security Landscape," presented by Neohapsis (

The threat landscape of mobile security is moving at a very rapid pace and deserves to be investigated and presented in a way that is useful for IT managers, staff, and security engineers. In this talk, Neohapsis will discuss the current state of mobile technology, the threats that it presents, and some of the solutions used to implement mobile technology in a secure fashion.

Not only do mobile devices present a unique set of risks for your enterprise, but mobile applications that your employees run or develop can also present opportunities for attackers. We will discuss the methods that attackers use against mobile devices and present solutions that can be used to limit the impact of such attacks.

To further combat these threats, companies are implementing tools such as mobile device management (MDM) to better secure their mobile enterprise. We will look at how MDM can be a helpful solution, but also address some pitfalls associated with MDM and why MDM is not a foolproof technology.

Those who attend this talk will have a clearer understanding of the mobile threat landscape, what attackers are doing, and how we can better secure the mobile enterprise to mitigate these attacks.