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Welcome to the MeetUp page for New York City chapter of National Women's Liberation!

National Women's Liberation (NWL) is a multiracial feminist group for women who want to fight male supremacy and gain more freedom for women. Our priorities are abortion/birth control, overthrowing the double day, and feminist consciousness-raising.

Our meetings are open to self-identified women of all races. In addition, women of color meet separately from white women at Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) meetings to examine their experiences with white supremacy and how it intersects with male supremacy to oppress women of color.

For more information, visit our website: http://womensliberation.org


NWL's current priorities include preserving and expanding access to abortion and birth control, overthrowing the double day (women's dual roles as full-time caretakers as well as full-time employees), as well as leading Consciousness-Raisings and studying the history of the Women's Liberation Movement to guide our activism.

We believe that change comes about from the actions of everyday people—not politicians, the courts, lobbyists, or the media.


A new group with old roots, NWL was born from a collaboration of organizers from Redstockings and Gainesville Women's Liberation (FL). We are a dynamic and diverse group of women in the fight against male supremacy, developing theory alongside our actions.

NWL won a big victory in 2013 when the Morning-After Pill was finally put over the counter for all ages, the fruits of a 10-year battle that included a sit-in at the FDA, illegally distributing the pill to show the ridiculousness of the restrictions, and a class action lawsuit.

In 2015, we reprinted and distributed 1969 "This Oppresses Women" stickers, after reviving them from the Redstockings Archive. Our campaign #thisopresseswomen went viral when the stickers were used against Protein World's Beach Body ads in Union Square, and they continue to appear on other offending ads all over the city.

In 2017, we led #WomenStike!, a campaign where over 7,000 women nationwide abstained from paid and unpaid labor on January 20 & 21, to coincide with the Women's March and the inauguration of Donald Trump. Our strike demands included: ending to racist and sexual assaults, reproductive freedom, national health care for all, a $15 minimum wage for all workers, protection & expansion of Social Security, free child care, paid family leave, and R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Through these demands, we called attention to the often unrecognized effects of cuts, privatization, and elimination of the social contract and social programs (like public school, Medicare, and Social Security): that when "the family" is expected to fill in the gaps left when these programs and protections recede, it is actually unpaid and exploited labor of women that keeps society running.

Please note: unless specifically noted, all events are for self-identified women only. Thank you!

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