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General meeting to do Consciousness Raisings around feminist topics and to catch up on what the committees of NWL are currently working on. At this month's meeting, we will be tabling in Union Square Park to raise awareness about the Statewide Lobby Day for the NY Health Act in Albany on June 5th. We will be asking people the question "How would your life be different if you had guaranteed health care?" Come out to share your experience and spread the word about NYHA and NWL. Afterwards, we'll walk over for a social hour at Shades of Green Pub at 125 East 15th Street.

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388 Atlantic Avenue · Brooklyn, NY

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Welcome to the meetup page for New York City chapter of National Women's Liberation. National Women's Liberation (NWL) is a new feminist group with old roots. The organization was born from a collaboration between organizers from Redstockings and Gainesville Women's Liberation (FL) which started in 1968. We are a dynamic and diverse group of women in the fight against male supremacy, developing theory alongside our actions. An integral part of our organization is the Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) which meets separately from white women to better understand how white supremacy intersects with other forms of oppression. Our group hosts public meetings the third Tuesday of every month at The Commons at 388 Atlantic Ave, and all women are welcome.

NWL won a big victory in 2013 when the Morning-After Pill was put over the counter for all ages, the fruits of a 10-year battle that included a sit-in at the FDA, illegally giving out the pill to show the ridiculousness of the restrictions, and a class action lawsuit. Current priorities are the right to abortion and birth control and the overthrow of the double day--women's roles as full-time caretakers and full time employees. Most recently, we printed and distributed 1969 "This Oppresses Women" stickers after reviving them from the Redstockings Archive. We got a lot of publicity when they were used against Protein World's Beach Body ads in Union Square, and they continue to appear on other offending ads all over the city. NWL feminists are also organizing the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign in NYC.

We are a group for women who want to fight back against male supremacy and win more freedom for women. We believe that change comes about from the actions of everyday people—not politicians, the courts, lobbyists, or the media. The freedoms we have now were won by movements of women, organizing and fighting for change. Men did not become less sexist or decide to give women the vote or legalize birth control because of our individual abilities to reason with them, educate them, or because they love us so much. The inequalities between women and men are political problems that require a collective solution.

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Unless specifically noted, all events are for women only. Thank you!

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