The Optimistic Growth Mindset

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How do you handle obstacles and setbacks in Life? Does a failure or undesirable outcome cause you to stop in your tracks, maybe even retreat a little? Go into a depression? Do you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset?

Most people believe they are growth oriented and positive. One way to actually know this is to survey our reactions -- or responses -- to adversity. When met with difficulties, more people than not will give up, move on to something else, set off or give up entirely on their dreams.

This talk will acquaint you with the kinds of self-talk and actions that are sure-fire indications of where you are on that sliding scale with pessimist on one end and optimist on the other. More importantly, it will teach you how to adjust your course such that you overcome obstacle and setback, with determination and dignity, and accomplish those things in life you thought were unattainable.

Bring a pencil and notepad. There will be a questionnaire that will give you a clear idea of where you are on the questions of fixed/growth and pessimist/optimist mindsets.