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Stone People have been used for millennia for receiving guidance from the Spirit world by Native Americans. If you need clarity on an issue, consider this old and profound reading technique. New Moon Stone People Medicine Reading Private, 45 minute reading available today; $50. Please RSVP, then call[masked] to secure a time for your reading. NOTE: 6:00pm time taken. 5, 7, and 8 open. "I want to thank you for a reading that I felt very strongly was right on and has and will help me very much...and I feel has been a big push in my self growth and acceptance. You are always in the utmost integrity and connection with spirit, as far as I am concerned, and I trust you completely with this kind of very personal spiritual encounter. ... spirit was very much in powerful presence for my reading." SR, Palm Beach, FL If you schedule a reading, please be prompt as I cannot allow it to overrun. Stone reading is based on the spiritual practices of certain Indian people and predates European interference with our wisdom teachings, what some might call "religion." "I thought your reading was really insightful and helpful...I also think anyone who has been a student of yours learning about the animals as medicine helpers, the labyrinth, and so on will gain special insight from your readings. ...(your) Stone People Medicine reading guided me to look at the energy of my current life challenges in both a spiritual way and also a very practical way that allows clearer navigation through life on a daily basis." MEC, professional reader, WPB "Amazing and so very accurate. So very glad I did this!" DS, Coral Springs, FL "You were superb and the reading was very accurate! I look forward to the next reading when it's offered!" SR, Lake Worth, FL "I highly recommend Stone People Medicine Readings! Grandfather Rick's insight is very profound." JG, PB, FL Rick McBride is mixedblood Tsalagi (Cherokee) who has walked the Red Road for over 30 years. He was named Cante Lute (Schan-tay Lou-tuh) by the spirits through his sundance chief, which means Red Heart. He is a sundancer and has been traditionally trained and authorized to lead ceremonies, such as inipi (purification lodge), prayer with the Canunpah (Pipe), drum healing and so forth. He has been publicly teaching these ways for some ten years now. Workshops and lectures are one way to learn from the wisdom of Indian Country. Ceremony brings this knowledge to life. Combined, teaching and ceremony render practical guidance to everyday living. And so, Rick sees his role as that of "translator" of indigenous ways so that mainstream-educated people get the full benefit of these ways. It has taken him years of dedicated interaction with many Elders, as well as his activities as ceremonial leader to get to this place in his life. To set an appointment, please call:[masked]

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