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Discover Trapped Emotions and How to Release them with Thermography
Come join us for an infrared thermal imaging presentation showing how our emotional health can affect our physical bodies. Pain in the neck... Thorn in my side... Gives me a headache... These are more than just phrases that describe people, events, or situations in our lives, but also in our bodies. With the aid of infrared thermal imaging, which gives a physiological view of the body, we can see how these phrases have roots in reality. Join us Wednesday, October 24th 6-8 pm for a visual presentation on how trapped emotions affect the body, and then take part in a creative expression activity to help you release trapped emotions for improved health and well-being. While we know that stress is harmful to our health and well-being, the stuffed and unexpressed emotions too often carried in our bodies are equally damaging. Connie Cumming, C.C.T. will explain how thermal imaging functions and share illuminating images. We will also engage in a body centered Creative Expression activity as a tool to help safely release trapped emotions for empowering ourselves towards improved mind/body well-being.

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At Modern Day Medicine Women we offer a variety of classes taught by our practitioners. These classes may include group healing and/or learning to become a healer yourself. There will also be classes on how to use a wide variety of modalities to support the body's natural ability to heal on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Join us for fun, learning and sharing!

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