What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in getting and staying healthy through natural methods. We started this group because as a group we can more effectively research what really works to effectively deal with the many maladies that plague our society. The eight basic issues that affect our health are SLEEP, FRESH AIR, LACK of STRESS, PURE WATER, PROPER DIET, AVOIDING TOXINS, SUNSHINE, and EXERCISE. Looking forward to exploring all the natural approaches to vibrant health. Stay Tuned! (http://ourdatacenter.s3.amazonaws.com/Health/there-is-hope.mp4) We have been doing a lot of preparation and are getting close to a launch. Check out this video. It is an example of what is coming. Video (http://ourdatacenter.s3.amazonaws.com/meetups/fuhrman-diet.mp4)

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