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Inspiration for Healthy Holiday Eating!
Think it's *impossible* to eat healthy during the holidays??? Think again! Although our social calendars may be overflowing between now and the New Year, we actually can make healthy food choices all season long. Come learn how in truly festive fashion! This celebration/workshop will explore some of the common nutrition challenges we experience during the holiday season. We'll talk about some tips and tricks you can employ to stick to your healthy eating plan, revamp traditional recipes, and truly enjoy the holiday season without feeling any of the usual guilt. And, most importantly, we'll sample some of Taji's favorite homemade holiday recipes, plus some of Rachel's (your organizer's) as well! There may even be music and a cozy fire... :) OUR GIFT TO YOU: Fresh holiday meal ideas and inspiration to try a new recipe or two. And yes, you'll leave with actual recipes to make at home! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Taji Mortazavi is a certified personal trainer with the Master of Science in Nutrition Education. She is also a clinical information specialist working with NCI in their Cancer Therapy and Evaluation Program. Prior to her work with NCI, she ran a successful health coaching and nutrition practice. Taji believes that healthy eating comes down to what we eat, what we drink, and how we think. She loves exploring the behavioral and cultural implications behind food and providing clients with the tools and techniques to make healthy eating choices no matter what their circumstance.

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    Know you should be taking better care of yourself (or your family), but feel like you're too busy/overwhelmed/stressed to figure out how to do it? Or daunted at the thought of trying to fit in anything new?

    Looking for a vibrant, supportive community to walk with you on your wellness journey? This group is for those who want to learn more about or dive deeper into natural health and wellness. We share simple tips and strategies that you can take home and incorporate immediately. And we learn from some of the best natural health and wellness practitioners in the DC metro area.

    Topics for upcoming group meetings:

    • natural stress reduction & management
    • natural illness prevention & response
    • nutrition
    • meal planning & prepping
    • healthy travel
    • self-care
    • essential oils/aromatherapy
    • DIY cleaning and personal care products
    • natural skincare
    • herbalism/using herbs for wellness
    • urban or small space gardening
    • energy work
    • homeopathy
    • functional medicine
    • sprouting/soaking nuts & seeds
    • getting more fit
    • yoga

    Feel free to suggest other topics that you would find interesting or helpful! If you are interested in presenting on a relevant topic at one of our Meetups, please contact

    I truly hope you will come and create your healthier life with us! Because we are too busy not to be healthy!

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