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Natural Way of Living NJ offers Meetup Events, Workshops to share about Heart Based Living to achieve living at ease and leading toward a Healthy, Happy, Fulfilled Life. Our Spiritual Heart is very special and serves as the Inner Guidance and Compass as it connects to the Source of our True Self.

If you are looking to:
* Relieve Stress
* Reduce Anxiety, Anger, and any other Negative emotions
* Feel Happier
* Improve Health
* Realize the Life purpose
* Improve total Well Being and Experience Profound Transformation inside & out

Then this is the group for you :)

All the methods we share are experiential and are part of the Natural Way of Living organization - naturalwayofliving.com, founded by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc.

Reiki Tummo - aimed at energy channeling and healing, both to others and for self, and at the same time opening up our spiritual heart with the Divine Creator.

Open Heart Meditation - Smiling to Your Heart Meditation is a simple and effective way to tap into that profound peace, inner calmness and unconditional Love within. Many have reported after experiencing this simple meditation, they are more relaxed, calm and Happy!

Secrets of Natural Walking (Natural-Walking.com) This is a profound healing modality via the proper and Natural way of Walking. A full Day workshop and diligent practice afterward often resulted in phenomenal testimonials. Postural re-alignment, Normalizing Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, reduced Joint and muscle pains, etc.

Miracle Walking - A Free Public community to promote healthy walking habits and is powered by Secrets of Natural Walking. In warmer days, we'll host the MW events outdoors. In winter days, we will host most of our events at the beautiful Arthur Murray Dance Center in Red Bank, NJ.

Upcoming events (2)

Awaken Your Body's Amazing Healing Capabilities July 31 workshop

Please Note - RSVP will NOT get you the Zoom Link. Please Register through https://naturalwayofliving.com/project/secrets-of-natural-walking-2/ and Upon Receipt of Payment, the Zoom Link and Manual will be sent out.

Founder & Grand Master Irmansyah Effendi has emphasized our Body is the most amazing Gift of Love, the Creation of our Beloved Creator. Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) is a facility that enables us to discover and re-activate the amazing self healing, regeneration and rejuvenation capabilities within.

In our 1 Day Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) Level 1 workshop, we will learn the simple 6 keys to 1 step to relearn how we are supposed to walk naturally and allow natural adjustments to happen to restore our body's proper and natural functions. Most (if not all) participants will witness his/her own transformation at the end of the workshop as evident by the Before and After Photos.

We also offer support by hosting Free Online Weekly Practice sessions after the workshop. Please check out the phenomenal testimonials from our participants.

Registration Details: https://naturalwayofliving.com/project/secrets-of-natural-walking-2/

Workshop Fees: Rates are based on State of Residence for USA Residents ($180 for most, and some States $135). Outside of USA, Rates are based on Country of Residence. Repeaters have Special Rates.

Check out the Phenomenal Before & After AND Testimonials that include No more need for wearing glasses, Increase immune system to battle COVID-19, Happy from Within and Pain Free, etc.

Testimonials: bit.ly/SONWtest

Founder Irman's Happy & Healthy at Work workshops

Online event

Please note this is a Two 2.5 hours workshops on Friday & Saturday with Fees. Rates are in the registration details (see at the bottom).

Restore the balance to your heart, mind and body to be happy and healthy at work.

Numerous research confirms that a happier person is 13% more productive and takes 10x fewer sick days.

Let’s stop this imbalance from taking over our lives.

Irmansyah Effendi MSc., the founder of Natural Way of Living, will guide you to get to know your mind, heart and body better and learn how to use these facilities properly. By integrating this practice into your daily life, you can stay balanced, happy and healthy despite your workloads and challenges.

This is a rare opportunity to study with the Grand Master as he does not teach Entry Level Public workshops often (the ones without any pre-requisites).

USA Time Zone would be:
August 6 & 7, Friday & Saturday New Jersey Time 10p-12:30aEST
Registration Link: bit.ly/hh-work
(Registration Link would say August 7 & 8 Jakarta Time 9a-11:30aPST)

The workshop fees for USA Residents (all countries rates are listed on the registration page) : $50USD Level 1, $55USD Level 2

Limit to First 1000 Participants (Master Irman's workshops tend to fill up fast. Please register Now!)

Please note RSVP will not get you the Zoom Link.
Please register & process payment first,

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