What we're about

Hey Cleveland! Are you ready to drink and explore wines that are healthier, organic, and unique? Natural wines are made without additives or chemicals, and without removing anything. This is unlike 90% of the wines we buy every day. If you enjoy eating organic, vegan, KETO, or Paleo, you'll love discovering how these wines fit your healthy lifestyle choices and beliefs.

Expect to have your wine mind blown with new flavors, textures, and colors! Some will be funky and fizzy (like ciders), some more traditional, and some will be orange. Expect to be surprised!

Each meetup, we'll share two to three Natural Wines from around the world and explore their unique tastes and stories. Having traveled extensively to study and experience over 500 organic, biodynamic, and natural wines, there's so much more to these wines than any others you've enjoyed. We'll look forward to hearing your wine stories too.

We will meet at locations in Cleveland that embrace Natural Wines! Budget under $10 to $15 per meetup to share the cost of the wines across the group. Food can be purchased separately or we can share appetizers across the group.

Seating is limited by location. Please be sure to check the announcement for details.

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