Outdoor mindfulness day at Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol


Coombe Dingle Car Park

The Dingle · Bristol

How to find us

Coombe Dingle car park, The Dingle, Bristol, BS9 2PA. If there are no free parking spaces in the car par, you can park in Grove Road in the residential area just up the lane from the car park.

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Join me for a day of outdoor mindfulness at the Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol. Whether you are totally new to mindfulness, experienced, or somewhere in between, it is an open invitation to enjoy mindfully spending time in this beautiful place.

We will meet at 11am at the Coombe Dingle car park, ready to start at 11:15am:
The Dingle, Bristol, BS9 2PA

If there are no free parking spaces in the car par, you can park in Grove Road in the residential area just up the lane from the car park:

From the Coombe Dingle car park we will have have a slow, silent walk up the valley, stopping occasionally to be in silent stillness with some occasional guidance from me. At the top we will stop in the fields for some guided sitting meditation followed by a social picnic lunch (please bring your own refreshments and something to sit on).

After lunch we will do some more mindfulness around the fields and nearby woods. After the mindfulness we can have a social walk around the area, for example up to the castle. Total walking distance for the day will be about 5 miles.

Although I recommend joining for the whole day, there is some flexibility for anyone wishing to join late or leave early, so here is an approximate timetable of where we will be at what times:

11:00am: Meet at Coombe Dingle car park (https://goo.gl/maps/b8m2zdTy1pogGaze9)
11:15am: Slow mindful walk up the valley
12:30pm: Sitting meditation and picnic lunch in the fields at the top (https://goo.gl/maps/TDkTHmyRRykcpdQP9)
1:30pm: More mindfulness around the fields and nearby woods
2:30pm: Social walk around to the castle and then back to the car park
(Option to walk straight back to the car park at this point instead)
4:00pm: Approximate finish time (or 3:00pm if you're walking straight back)


This group does cost me money to run, so any voluntary donations towards the cost will be gratefully accepted. However, if you are short of money then you are welcome to attend for free.


If you are unable to make it on the day, please change your RSVP. It's just good manners really.


* Please do not bring dogs or young children as these have the potential to create additional complications.

* Please allow plenty of time to get to the meeting point. If you're late you will probably miss us.

* If you are unsure how to get to the meeting point, please contact me well in advance. If you try to contact me on the day, I may be driving to the meeting point or there may just not be enough time to help you.

* Once the session starts I will have my phone turned off to avoid disruptions, therefore you will be unable to contact me after the start time.

* If you have any health issues, please let me know in advance as the session may not be suitable for you. While most people have no problems with the mindfulness techniques, please be aware I am not a trained health professional and cannot take responsibility if any adverse effects are experienced.