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Nature Connects offers inspirational nature adventures. Our mission is to build an awesome tribe of conscious, empowered people who love to explore the outdoors and who care about the natural world, others and themselves.

Going on an adventure with Nature Connects is more than just a holiday. We will inspire and guide you to wild and uncharted destinations. Instinctively we know that spending time outdoors is a good thing, so let's unplug from city life and technology, go outside and (re)connect with nature, ourselves and the people around us.

We understand that working professionals don’t have the luxury of time. That is why we plan the trips and take care of all the details.

Can I turn up alone?

Yes for sure - most people do. Almost everyone has turned up to an event without knowing anyone. Please don't be nervous about that. Hiking/ travelling is a great way of meeting like minded people whilst keeping fit and seeing amazing places.

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Did you know that Jisp near Amsterdam is an old whaling village? Five centuries ago, the Netherlands was the center of the world’s whaling industry. Jisp was one of the first villages that had its own boat (1642) to hunt whales in the Arctic Ocean. It all started when the Dutch began exploring the Arctic regions looking for a sea passage to Asia. They ran into whales near a group of unexplored islands. In those days the waterways still had an open connection with the Zuiderzee. JISPERVELD Today the nearby Jisperveld is a nature reserve renowned for spotting many species of birds like the spoonbill, snipe, ruff and the Dutch National bird the black-tailed godwit. It is a maze of hundreds of islands, creeks and pools which covers 18 km2. The one or two farmers that live here, need to ship their livestock from island to island by boat. Hundreds of years ago you would have seen many whaling stations here. In these whaling stations, whale blubber and whale bones were processed into whale oil used for lamp oil, soap, lubricant and shoe polish. • TOUR This beautiful canoe tour takes us through the heart of the ancient whaling area Jisperveld. It is an area rich in history and bird life. We gather in the old and picturesque village Jisp where we will pick up our canoes at a farmhouse. From the farmhouse we paddle through green and narrow waterways and small open areas. Halfway we have a picnic on a small reed flanked island, owned by Joost our canoe guide for today. If you are interested Joost can explain a lot about the history of the area and different species of birds. • PRICE AND PAYMENT: EUR 30 (spaces are limited to 14 participants). You can get your ticket on Nature Connects website: https://www.natureconnects.com/product/canoe-tour-jisperveld-amsterdam/ • WHAT IS INCLUDED Guided tour through Nature Conservation Area Wormer- and Jisperveld by Joost and Marlies. Joost has been living in this area for the last 20 years and loves to share his knowledge of the area with us. Canoe rental (2p canoes) Dry bag/ box for your belongings Not included: food (please bring something to eat). • WHAT TO BRING Rain jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, something to eat/ drink. We’ll have a picknick on a little island in the middle of the tour (food is not included). • WHERE DO WE MEET Bus stop ‘De Lepelaar’, 1546 LB Jisp • IMPORTANT TO KNOW We are LEAVING at 10.00 and we FINISH around 14.15. Bus 121 takes you from railway station WORMERVEER to JISP. Note: this bus runs once every hour. If you miss it, we cannot wait for your unfortunately. All participants (members and their guests) on any of Nature Connects walks or activities are personally responsible for their own fitness, safety and welfare and must be equipped accordingly. Payments are non-refundable.


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WALK: UNPLUG IN THE HEATHLANDS OF EDE (16KM) When the heather plants start blooming, large parts of the Netherlands turn into beautiful deep shades of purple. This brand new walk will take us through the forest and across the beautiful heathlands of the “Ginkelse Heide”. Cows and sheep graze the fields to naturally maintain them. If we are lucky we might encounter the shepherd with his sheep. The views are stunning when the heather is blossoming. • UNPLUG & EXPLORE During this walk we “unplug & explore”. A small part of this walk will be in silence. It offers you the chance to connect with others who want to experience nature fully and deeply. By choosing to stay away from friendly chit-chat and explore what it’s like to walk in nature without speaking, we have a chance to engage our senses more fully and to truly connect with the natural world. • WHAT IS INCLUDED Guided walk through the forest and heathlands of Ede (guided by Karen) • PRICE AND PAYMENT EUR 10,- (spaces are limited). You can only get your ticket on Nature Connects website: https://www.natureconnects.com/tours/walk-unplug-in-the-forest-the-netherlands/ • WHAT TO BRING Rain jacket, camera, something to eat/ drink. We’ll have a lunch break in the middle (food is not included). • WHERE DO WE MEET Train station Ede-Wageningen, Stationsplein 6, 6711 PN Ede Please visit https://ns.nl/ for information about the trains to Ede-Wageningen. • IMPORTANT TO KNOW We are LEAVING at 11.00 and we finish around 15.30. All participants (members and their guests) on any of Nature Connects walks or activities are personally responsible for their own fitness, safety and welfare and must be equipped accordingly. Payments are non-refundable.

SOLD OUT - Norway, Into the Wild

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The wait is over, our Norway adventure is here. This is definitely a bucket list trip. Prepare to plunge into the fjord-filled wilderness for a real outdoor adventure. Kayak through the divine blue waters of the Norwegian fjords, paddle up to a waterfall, camp in the wild, search the water for dolphins and seals, catch your own trout, hike up to a ridge and soak in the extraordinary alpine landscape. Let’s discover what the Norwegians mean when they talk about “friluftsliv”, their intimate connection with Nature. The Land of the Fjords is a fabulous place to connect with nature and like-minded people who share your passion for adventure. Join us and fuel up on the power of the wild! HIGHLIGHTS • Kayak through the epic Norwegian fjords • Hike off the beaten track high into the mountains • Wild camping in the Norwegian wilderness • Catch and prepare your own fish • Look out for dolphins and sea eagles when you kayak through the fjords • Enjoy the stunning boat ride from Bergen to the Nordfjord • Meet like-minded people who share your passion for adventure • Stretch you limits and challenge yourself with this epic 7-day adventure in a spectacular natural wonderland DAY 1: NORWAY, HERE WE ARE! Suggested flight: Amsterdam (AMS) → Bergen 8:25 -> 10:00 (KLM) Our adventure begins in the center of Bergen. After we arrive at the airport we take a minivan that takes us to the center of Bergen. There we’ll hop onto the coastal boat for a beautiful boat trip to the Nordfjord. This stunning trip (4hrs) takes us along the fjord coast and its small islands. It stops in tiny village and one of those tiny villages, Rugsund, is our destination. After we arrive in Rugsund we’ll have a 20 min transfer into the Nordfjord where we will meet our local guide. We will camp on a sheep farm (only cold water) Overnight: camp on a sheep farm Meals: Warm soup on arrival DAY 2: KAYAK INTO THE FABULOUS NORDFJORD After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast we dive right into the beauty of Norway’s fjords. We kayak into the Nordfjord while taking in the breath taking surroundings. We might even spot a sea eagle or a seal while we glide along the water’s surface. In the afternoon we arrive at our destination Askevika where we will set up our camp. We gather firewood, make fire, (try to)catch some fish, prepare food and have dinner together around the camp fire. Paddle: 20KM Overnight: wild camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner DAY 3: KAYAK AND HIKE INTO ALFOTENFJORD After breakfast we head out for our second day of paddling (10km) into the beautiful Alfotenfjord. Don’t be surprised when we are joined by a pod of porpoises or a seal when we kayak through the fjords. Impressive mountains up to 1700m rise up straight from the water. After 10km we get on shore, where we have lunch. After lunch we repack our belongings and hike up a forest gravel road for 5 km to our wild camp spot (our luggage will be transported). We spend the night in an beautiful valley (Førsvalley) where we can swim in the lake/ river, fish for trout or just enjoy a moment of zen in some of the most wonderful surroundings mother nature has to offer. Paddle: 10km paddle Hike: 5km Overnight: wild camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner DAY 4: HIKE OVER THE MOUNTAIN RIGDE TO MYKLEBUST SAETRA Get ready for a heavy and beautiful hike, we are going off the beaten track and over a ridge. The total length of today’s hike is about 15km (400m up and down). It is the terrain that makes this hike heavy. The surrounding is truly amazing, mountains, lakes and beautiful views. In the afternoon we reach our destination where we build up our camp. We camp near a river on a peaceful spot. It is a beautiful area with a summer farm where farmers keep their cows during summer. In winter this area is inaccessible because of the snow. The farm has little huts for the milking girls. Hike: 15km Overnight: wild camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner DAY 5: SPECTACULAR DAY OF HIKING WITH OCEAN AND FJORDVIEWS After breakfast and maybe a quick dip in the water we are ready for another impressive and challenging hike. Today we’ll pass several peaks and we’ll hike almost 20km (800m up). It is a long and rewarding day. The fjord and sea views are amazing. Blålida lake, a small lake 100meter above sea level is our destination. Hike: 20km Overnight: wild camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner DAY 6 KAYAK TO RUGSUND HANDELSSTAD From our camping spot, we walk 30 minutes to the fjord where our kayaks are waiting for us. We paddle from Frøysjøen towards Rugsund Handelsstad. This is an area with stunning vistas and a long history going all the way back to prehistoric times. We paddle under Europe's highest seacliff “Hornelen” and we’ll pass some small islands. Depending on the current and wind we might even have a lunchbreak on one of the Coastal forts from the Atlantic wall from WW II. From there we continue to Rugsund Handelsstad, a 400 year old tradingpost and our final destination. Here we can enjoy a hot shower and a delicious meal under a roof. Paddle: 10-15km Overnight: wild camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner DAY 7 GOODBYE NORWAY Already the last day of our wilderness adventure. After an early breakfast it is time to say goodbye to the fjords. The minivan will pick us up and take us to the ferry which will bring us back to Bergen city center. Suggested flight: Bergen (BGO) → Amsterdam (AMS) 17:35 -> 19:25 (KLM) Meals: breakfast COST AND PAYMENT Price EUR 1650,- (only payment confirms your attendance) MORE INFO AND SIGN UP HERE: https://www.natureconnects.com/tours/norway-into-the-wild/ WHAT IS INCLUDED? • Unforgettable experience • Kayaks and paddles • Local English speaking guide • Boat ride from Bergen to Nordfjord • Tents and all camping/cooking gear • Luggage transfers • All meals in the itinerary (vegan, vegetarian if pre ordered) • Camping fees • Transfer from Nordfjord back to the airport • Transfer from the airport to Bergen center • Tourist tax • Booking fee What’s Not Included • Sleeping bag • All meals that are not already included • Alcoholic beverages/ extra snacks • Travel insurance • Flight to Bergen • Bus from the airport to the center of Bergen

Luxembourg Hiking Weekend: Mullerthal region

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Disconnect from city life and technology and reconnect with yourself and nature. Join us for a healthy hiking weekend in the beautiful Mullerthal Region in Luxembourg. When was the last time you felt truly connected? I don’t mean connected to your phone, your job, your social media feed or your to-do list. I mean connected to yourself, the people around you, nature. Right, that might have been a while. Today’s always-on, information overload, fast paced world can make it hard to achieve such a mindset. The Mullerthal region in Luxembourg is a perfect place to feel connected. Spectacular rock formations, small waterfalls, mossy creek valleys and wide panorama-like views make this region a pleasure for body and soul. JOIN US ON FACEBOOK (http://www.facebook.com/natureconnects) THE MULLERTHAL TRAIL The most famous track in the Mullerthal region is the more than 100 km long Mullerthal Trail. In 2014 the trail was certified with the label "Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe". It passes along impressive sand stone formations which have names like “Gorges du Loup (the wolves’ canyon)” and “Schiessentumpel” . These strange names often refer to old legends and myths. Erosion created some weird patterns in the rocks and thus some amazing pieces of art. “GORGE DU LOUP" (the wolves' canyon) The Gorge du Loup was formed by a rock split where we will walk through. In former times wolves were hiding here beneath the rocks. “SCHIESSENTUMPEL” The Schiessentumpel is a small and picturesque waterfall on the Black Ernz river. The lovely stone bridge and the impressive rocks turn it into one of the most popular excursion spots in the Mullerthal Region. THE HIKES Our hikes, one on Saturday and one on Sunday will be between 10-20 km. The hike on Saturday is quite strenuous and will take the whole day (20KM). The hike on Sunday is a bit shorter (14KM). Suitable waterproof hiking footwear is essential due to the rough, uneven and sometimes wet terrain. Please bring a water bottle and a rain jacket. You don't need prior hiking experience for these hikes, but good health and reasonable fitness are important. ACCOMMODATION We are staying in cosy small wooden huts for two people, on a campsite in Luxembourg where we are surrounded by nature. The huts provide convenient accommodation and yet they give us the pure outdoor feeling. In the evening we can enjoy a leisurely camp fire or we can watch the wonderful sunset from a rocky platform just 5 minutes away. All you need to bring is a plate, knife, fork, cup to drink from, sleeping bag and a towel. Showers and toilets are in a separate building. FOOD Breakfast, packed lunches, tea and coffee, soup on the evening of arrival are included. On Saturday evening we'll have dinner in a local restaurant in town. This dinner is not included. On Friday (arrival day) it's nice to have a shared dinner ( a potluck). We had it last year and it was great. Everyone brought something small (sometimes something traditional from his, her country) which we all shared. There wi'll also be a big pan of soup Friday evening. IMPORTANT! THERE IS NO SUPERMARKET IN THIS TOWN, SO PLEASE BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED. IF YOU'D LIKE TO DRINK SOMETHING ELSE THEN TEA OR COFFEE (MILK ORANGE JUICE IN THE MORNING), PLEASE BRING IT. TRANSPORT The weekend starts in Luxembourg. Our destination is 346 km from Utrecht. It is not possible to reach it by public transport/taxis. You will need a car or a lift to get there. A google doc will be provided so you can organise lift shares easily. Nature Connects takes no responsibility for the lift shares and does not get involved with these private arrangements between members. COST AND PAYMENT Price EUR 199,- (Only payment confirms your attendance) You can book your spot through this link: https://www.natureconnects.com/tours/luxembourg-hiking-weekend-autumn/ All trip payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once full payment has been received for the trip and the trip is sold out/ full, then you may try to sell your space by advertising it for sale on this page. Included: - 2 nights accommodation in a shared (2 people) wooden hut (Friday and Satuday) - 2 guided hikes (Saturday and Sunday) - Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday - Lunch package on Saturday and Sunday - Soup on arrival day - Tourist tax Not included - Transport to Luxembourg - Dinner on the second night - Plate, knife, fork, cup to drink from, sleeping bag, towels - Anything you need which is not already included If we cancel or reschedule the meetup, refunds will be made. If a member cancels in advance of the meetup, a refund will only be made if the place is re-filled. http://www.natureconnects.com Join us on http://www.facebook.com/natureconnects

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