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Post-rain / after work fungi forage and whatever in the woods in Wayne.

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McKaig is a beautiful and old spot with beech and other hardwoods, meadows and wetlands. I used to play there when I was a kid, catching crayfish and such. Lisa, Katie and I almost always find mushrooms at McKaig. Keep your fingers crossed. I will be pointing out other useful plants (as usual) and I am bringing along a great birder too, as early evening bring out the songs. Bring binoculars if you want to see the birds.

I am not Mr. Mushroom, so it would be helpful to have some other more knowledgeable mushroom people with us, such as Scandinavians or psychologists.

I've taken to asking for a buck if you have it to help defray the cost of this site. Sorry for the last minute thing but mushroom hunting is like that. Hard rain will cancel the walk, little drizzle not so much. Bringing kids is okay as long as you take responsibility for them. Make sure they don't eat plants unless you personally identify and approve the plant. Call me if in question, lost or late. 610-324-8490.

(adapted from Wiki site)

Only eat mushrooms you have positively identified yourself. Identify mushrooms a second time during preparation and cook them properly. Do not combine mushroom types. Retain a sample of any mushroom for analysis in case of poisoning. Inform yourself about deadly mushrooms that are look-alikes of edible ones. "Deadly twins" differ regionally, so take into account regional variation. Do not gather mushrooms that are difficult to identify, unless you have expert knowledge. This applies especially to the mushrooms of the genus ( Amanita ( or Cortinarius ( and "little brown mushrooms". Consume only a small amount the first time you try a new species. People react differently to different mushrooms, and all mushroom species can cause an adverse reaction in a few individuals, even the common champignon (