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This group was formed to create community around getting out in nature with a deeper intention with a group of others. The intention is to have an experience where we are aware of the conscious shift that coincides with time spent in nature. This group used to be centered around cannabis use in nature, but legal and other issues kept the group from having any events. For those interested in using, please be aware of local laws, regulations and enforcement practices.

I personally began guiding rafts in West Virginia during college while living in a tent for the summer. That summer changed my perception of the world, and myself. I continued guiding at a wilderness therapy program here in Oregon. This eventually moved me to get my master in Ecopsychology and later completed a "Soulcraft Immerion", or extended vision quest experience (my words), with Animas Valley Institute. I and am currently a licensed outdoor outfitter. Through my time, I have found that everything is different in unimaginable ways in nature based environments. I believe that as we grow more insulated from the wild, natural world, just about everyone in this day and age could use more expose to wild nature, both within themselves and with the larger world. This meet-up is one way that I can help share that realization with others, and you can contribute to that as well with your presence.

Our goal is to offer space in this environment where you can explore your experience on your own terms. We do this in areas with space, where the presence of nature is reflected everywhere, and without feeling judgement from others. We set a group social area where people can talk, where there is food and where the guides and others can help you if you start to have a difficult experience. Outside of this group area we ask people to respect each other's journeys by keeping silence. While your journey and your relationship with wild nature is yours to explore in whatever way you would like, we will set guidelines to help others be mindful of giving space. We'll also have food and some different ways of engaging with your world, your conscious and social experience.

Anyone is welcome regardless of outdoor experience. We will be going out into some beautiful natural areas. Whether we stay there overnight or we just go for the day, the experiences we will be trying to deliver are meant to be held in a beautiful, peaceful yet naturally wild area. If you have strong aversion to elements of wild nature (bugs, dirt, fear of wild animals, etc.) the initial few times may be a challenge for you. You are still welcomed to join if you are inclined, and we will provide everything you need.

This is not meant to be a party. We have had some people come out and express that was their motivation for joining this group, and if that is your primary motivation then it could jeopardize the atmosphere of the experience.

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