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The Python Tree is a python learners community. An initiative by Open Nirvana to promote, support and facilitate the Python programming language. We are based out of Mumbai, India.MissionTo promote, support and facilitate the Python programming language.DescriptionWhat we do at Open Nirvana is to discuss and build various applications based on Python programming language.

Python is a general purpose high level programming language. It is remarkably dynamic programming language that is used for wide variety of application domains. What is really amazing about this programming language is the fact that it is uncomplicated and easily accessible.

Python provides easy and unprecedented solutions to many programming hindrance. It has its wide range of usability in many IT solutions. Some of these domains are:

Python provides Web solutions through Django, for mobiles it provides Python for Android, GTK+ and QT for Desktop solutions. Not only these, but Python also caters to Software through OpenCV and for Games through Pygame & Kivy. Finally, Python even equips with Network Programming by Sockets &Twisted and on Scientific front through Scipy and Numpy.

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