What we're about

Mission: To provide information that will provide hope, help, and support for domestically abused South Asian women in NY/NJ areas (to start).

Case: When South Asian women encounter abuse of any kind: emotional, physical, or sexual they do not always know where to go, whom to ask for help, and how to do so. The purpose of this organization is to provide information (to start) in what to do in cases of abuse in circumstances such as:

- she wants to leave her home in the middle of the night because she has been hit but does not know where to go - she is afraid for her own safety and/or that of her children if she continues to stay in the relationship
- she wants to leave the marriage but does not know how she can stand on her own
- she does not know when to call 911 or when it is appropriate to do so
- she does not have any immigration status
- she does not speak English well
- she does not know when is it ok to call the police or social services
- she does not fully know what are her rights as a human being

There are probably millions more instances which qualify. I wanted to state there are many organizations which already help women such as Sakhi for South Asian Women. However when information is needed outside of normal business hours there are no available places where information can be obtained and this is what this organization would like to provide.

I cannot do this alone so asking for your help. If you can do any of the below please join:

1) You have been a victim of abuse and can provide guidance on how you went about asking for help and where you got help and where you could not get help. 2) You know or can connect us with people or organizations such as: police, attorneys, and court system.
3) You know anyone in media who can help in spreading the word.
4) You want to help!

I need men and women to help me. Let us help provide support and even help to women who have been abused and someday aid in stopping it altogether. I want to start with helping our community in Texas. I have already obtained the domain name called http://nayishuruaat.com and we will fill it with information that will help in time of need.

I implore you and welcome you to join me.

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