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Garden2Plate Cooking Class
Garden 2 Plate is an outdoor cooking class with opportunities for building teamwork skills and basic primitive skills, such as starting a fire for cooking. From planning the meal based on what’s in season, to harvesting the food straight from the garden, cleaning, preparing, cooking and then sitting down together to enjoy. We’ll also be doing teas from the garden and wine making through the summer. Come at 5pm, bring a single simple food contribution (cooking grain, meat (chicken or beef), cheese, breads, ect) and expect to be apart of the work in some way. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll get out of the experience. If you have a special idea or recipy you'd like to try or contribute to for the experince, get in touch with us a couple days before so we can plan to make that happen! (suggested exchange/donation is $10 per person. Alternately we acknowledge many forms of exchange. Alternate exchange could be you bring an instrument and ‘playing for your meal’ the old fashioned way. 😉 (Though money, Including crypto and donations of various items needed / desired for on the land are also wonderful contributions. Just ask if you'd like some ideas.) A few Housekeeping notes: •If you wish to come we need to know by 12noon in Friday the day of the event (for planning prep) •Please plan to arrive on time or let us know beforehand if your running late. We are making this meal together as a joint effort. •Bring your own feastware (Cup/mug, plate, bowl, spoon/fork/knife). Wash station provided. If you forget, we will have plastic ones on hand to some degree. •There’s a compost & wash station where each person’s tend their dishes they've used afterwards. •This event is Active Participation based. We are making a meal from the garden and eating it together as a community. No bystanders. No just coming to slap meat on a grill and just hanging out. Let's Feed Each Other Well, From The Garden & from our Hearts!

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This group is for anyone who feels called to deepen their relationship with nature, humanity and money (abundance). Weather you are a person who is drawn to deep discussion, learning practical applications and unique opportunities Nemeton is the group for you. Here we grow & raise our own food, trade in the crypto world, and have a deep desire to see lives transformed, and ultimately live in harmony with who we really are.

This group is a safe place to authentically connect from the heart; share dreams, struggles, resources, wisdom; and learn how to design and lead a thriving life with soul.

Nemeton is the name of a mountain haven, located in Endicott/Owego NY.

The community here is looking to grow and we are inviting you! Come visit one of our events and see if this group of mindful authentic growth driven heart centered folks is the Tribe you've been looking for.

Looking forward to meeting you on The Mountain,

With Deep Mountain Love,

The Landstewards.

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