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Science by the Pint
Science by the Pint is a free science café in which a Boston-area research lab goes to a pub or brewery to chat science over a cold one. The speaker will give a brief overview of her/his research and answer audience questions. After that, the rest of the lab (grad students, postdoctoral researchers, research assistants, etc.) will rotate around the tables to have small-group, informal conversations about what they’re working on. The July 2 topic is "Science Diplomacy from the Arctic to Our World," by Dr. Paul A. Berkman. The Burren has a great beer selection. This being Somerville, in addition to a standard food menu for an Irish bar (in my opinion higher quality food than most), they have a selection of vegetarian & vegan burgers and entrees. The presentation starts at 7:00 sharp. Please arrive between 6:30 & 6:45 to socialize, eat & drink. It sometimes is difficult to hold seats after 6:45. The event is geared toward a general audience – all are welcome and no experience is necessary!

The Burren

247 Elm St · Somerville, MA

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If you're willing to let your geek flag fly, please join us. Event suggestions encouraged.

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Hair conditioner optional.

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