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Time Travelers' Café w/ CafeSci Boston

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What would it be like to travel through time?

We've all thought about it...seeing into the distant future, or perhaps traveling into the past (only to have our mothers fall in love with us instead of our fathers, then having to team up with eccentric genius Dr. Emmett Brown to figure out how to channel lightning into the flux capacitor, all while fixing a major paradox to avoid being erased from existence).

While time travel has been a favorite science fiction topic since HG Wells' "The Time Machine," time travel hasn't made the transition from fiction to fact...yet...

With this month's Science Café, join Prof. Seth Lloyd of MIT as he introduces us to "a new theory of the physics of time travel." He'll talk about how scientists are puzzling over the theories that might eventually take Marty McFly back to 1955, or ahead to a 2015 complete with hover boards (don't you just want a hover board so badly?).

It's sure to be a great night. So grab some friends and come out to Middlesex Lounge for a drink and a look into science at its most entertaining and fascinating. We promise Biff won't be there.

(For those of you who aren't getting all the "Back To the Future" references, I apologize. But seriously, where have you been? Go watch it right now. Then come to the Science Café. It'll be great.)