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Intellectual Snob Meetup-- Anthropocentrism

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Welcome to Chap. XIV of this Nerd Fun Snob endeavor, in the heart of intellectual snobbery, Harvard Sq. Be there or be Sq.

RAIN LOCATION= Grendel's Den on Winthrop St. nearby. If rain or wind forecast, you will be given 24 hours notice.

Note= Legal Sea Foods Patio is: refreshing on a hot day (there is early shade) but can be chilly on a cool day so bring an extra shirt. At both Legal Sea Foods patio and Grendel's seems there is no pressure to order food.

Legal Seafoods patio is a "raw bar" style place, & does offer limited draft beer. This patio is directly in front of the Charles Hotel main entrance. It is NOT the same as the upscale restaurant located nearby on the upper level.

ANTHROPOCENTRISM= A way of viewing the world by measure of human beings, as if humans & planet earth are at the center of the universe. Example: why do we consider planet Earth to be a planet of humans, and not a planet of, say, fish or insects? And why does our human "domination" of Earth prove our supposed superiority? & if humans evolved from monkeys wouldn't that imply that we are the king of monkeys? & if we were to evolve further, as surely we must, isn't our present state inferior to what it will be? Would our further evolution not make us into something more ethereal, speechless or birdlike?

You don't have to be a genuine Intellectual snob to join. Pseudo-intellectuals are also welcome. All you need is an aloof attitude full of irony and some baffling intellectual ideas or--dare I say it--some unanswered question you wish to convey incognito.

The premise is to share your intellectual baffling snob idea or question on a name tag (provided) and attach such tag to your shirt, OR chuck such idea or question in a basket in our midst which will be provided and passed around (please pass it around!).

Once this deed is done, pluck from the basket & discuss, if appropriate. This may lead to much laughter, but others may be baffled & perhaps enlightened.

Humor in good taste: ALLOWED. Intellectual apparel: allowed. Startle the waitstaff with a fake mustache, goatee, periwig, or monocle. Fold-up sunglasses, corduroy jackets w/ elbow patches: allowed. No Meerschaum tabacco pipes please. Absinthe is not served.

Please bring cash. Separate tabs are not encouraged.

When settling the tab, make sure and add 25% of what you are spending for tax and tip!


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