June Nerd Interface: Rust — Safety and Performance, a Match Made in Heaven!

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The Nerdery

1033 W Van Buren Suite 700 · Chicago, IL

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Are you looking to learn a new language this summer?
Do you want to write programs that are as maintainable as they are fast?
Are you interested in a language that can be used for desktop or web apps?

Rust will change the way you think about programming.
- It guarantees safety without sacrificing performance.
- It’s versatile enough to create operating systems, games, web apps and services.
- It protects developers from falling into common programming pitfalls.

Whether you're a front-end or back-end developer, join us for a talk on that will examine how to use Rust to create safer, faster, and more maintainable programs. During the talk we will explore:
- Where the Rust language started.
- What is safety, and why is it important to me as a developer?
- What is weird and/or special about Rust?
- Who is using Rust in production and why did they choose it over other languages?
- Some experiments and solutions in Rust that Jake and Zelda from The Nerdery are currently working on.

5:30-6 p.m.: Food, drinks, networking and craft beer tasting
6-7 p.m.: Nerd Interface
7-8 p.m.: Drinks, craft beer and more networking

Nerd host:
Gregg Walrod - Head of Software Engineering, Chicago

Gregg is a proven business leader that focuses on the employee and client experiences. He works as the Head of Software Engineering where he leads and supports the Chicago-based team. He has worked in numerous leadership roles in his 12-year services business career, which includes leading Geek Squad in China. In his spare time, Gregg is an avid music lover and loves to travel abroad.

Zelda Hessler - Software Engineer, Front-End

Zelda was born and raised on Nantucket Island, MA. She loves video games, music, and movies. She loves making stuff even more. Be warned: if you ask her opinion of something, she will talk forever.

Jacob Gardner - Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End

Jacob has been passionate about building software since high school, but he can best be defined by his love of dogs. He is the proud father of Keelie, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, who he rescued in 2013 from the streets of Kansas City. He also loves board games, table-top role-playing games, audio books, and anything else stereotypically nerdy. Ask him about any of these things!

About The Nerdery: (http://www.nerdery.com/)

We are a custom software design and development company built on the belief that passionate nerds are the driving force behind business breakthroughs. Our vision is to be the best place in the world for Nerds to work; our purpose is to redefine what’s possible through technology.