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Dinner & Death: Penny Dreadful+ In The Flesh

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UPDATE: John is hijacking this Sundays's Dinner & Death event and since he is cooking Dinner we are going to let him. This Sunday instead of watching the next episode of Salem we will watch the first episode of the new show Penny Dreadful instead.

Welcome Back! Please note that Dinner & Death will be skipping Sunday May 18. Please RSVP if you plan on eating dinner. The earlier you RSVP, the easier it is for organizers to plan your delicious meal.

Dinner & Death is Nerd HQ's weekly "family" gathering. We have dinner and then watch a few deathly based TV shows. Its always great fun and a nice way to cap off the weekend.

This week for Dinner & Death, we will continuing with the show "Salem" as there was enough interest after the first episode to watch a second. After Salem, we will be watching episode 2 of "In the Flesh"

See you all back for Dinner & Death on May 25.

Penny Dreadful, Episode 1 - Night Work~ In Victorian England, the enigmatic Vanessa Ives enlists the skilled marksman/con man Ethan Chandler to do some "night work". She introduces him to Sir Malcolm Murray, father of the recently abducted Mina Murray ( The trio infiltrate a vampire nest in search of Mina. They find and kill a vicious vampire, later enlisting Victor Frankenstein ( to examine it. The autopsy reveals hieroglyphs etched beneath its skin, which are later found to be from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ethan, overwhelmed by the new world opening before him, takes his payment and leaves Vanessa and Malcolm's service, but is later tempted to return. In his laboratory, Frankenstein brings life to a dead body.

In the Flesh, Series 2 - Episode 2 ~ The PDS are given community work, to repay society. Simon asks Kieren to an Undead party. At school Jem's past as a member of the HVF makes her a heroine

The earlier you RSVP for this event, the easier it is for organizers to plan the delicious meal you will be enjoying & if you are having dinner, it is VERY helpful for organizers if you RSVP for this event sooner rather than later.

We have lots of people who only come for dinner or only for death, its not necessary to participate in both parts of Dinner & Death, come just for dinner or just for the movie. There is no cost for the event itself, however there is a cost for the dinner (between $10-$15), and any liquids you may wish to have.

Time Schedule:

• 5:15pmish - Arrivals (Geek Crafters may still be working on projects)

• 6:00pmISH - "Family" Dinner

• 7:00pmISH - Penny Dreadful

• 8:00pmISH - In the Flesh

• • If you are having dinner, it is VERY helpful for organizers if you please RSVP for this event.

NOTES: PLEASE let Nerd HQ know, as a note in your RSVP or send a DM, if you have any dietary restrictions, such as gluten or vegetarianism, as this will help us with the planning of your dinner.