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Nerd Nite: Get your Higgs bos-on

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Join us for yet another evening of rad talks, beer and nerd-approved music, which also happens to be Nerd Nite Seattle's one year anniversary!

As always, we invite you to be there and be square, while helping us celebrate a wonderful year in one anothers' nerdy company.

7:30 Talks (Door Open at 6:30)
$5 Cover

Talk #1: Harvesting the Mass Field: The Higgs Boson & What It Means
Rick Clinite

On July 4, a research team at CERN announced a particle detected in the range of 125 gigaelectron volts mass energy. The decay signatures of these events were consistent with the Higgs boson that the scientists had been searching for since their experiment started running in 2008. News outlets immediately trumpeted that the origins of mass have been discovered along with the existence of this 'God Particle', but what does that even mean? Are we all made from Higgses? What are these things, what are bosons and why do we need to look for them in tunnels 300 feet under Geneva?

Rick Clinite has a Master's in Condensed Matter Physics from Florida State and has worked in China modeling laser-matter interactions. He doesn't speak Chinese but is pretty sure he still dreams in it.

Talk # 2: What's the deal with mountains, anyway?
Karl Lang

Have you ever watched the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains and asked yourself, "how did those mountains get in the way of my sunset?" Karl Lang, a UW PhD student in geology, gets to ask questions like this everyday. This evening, we'll discuss why we observe mountain belts where we do, how those mountains formed and where they're going; highlighting current research in mountain geodynamics from geologists working across the globe. Discussion also includes: critiquing critical wedges, how to survive a tectonic aneurysm, and bad geology puns.