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Medium Strategy Board Games at The Dragon House!
• What we'll do Thursday evening, January 25th, starting at 6:00PM, lets get together and play some medium strategy board games. It's pretty much guaranteed to be cold and rainy and still dark, so it strikes me as a great thing to spend some time with others and play a few games. Let me define my title a little bit. To me, Medium strategy board games are games that play 4 to 6, take about an hour (to maybe an hour and a half) to play, and are a solid mix of luck and strategy. This means if you are new, you won't feel overpowered even though you might lose, and if luck is with you every step of the way, you might even win. It also means that if you are experienced, you might still lose. I try to pick games where it takes maybe 5 minutes to explain the rules of the game, so they are not overly complicated. These games are also normally "thematically consistant" which to me means that if it's a game about railroads, the rules fit the world of railroads. If it's a game about panda bears eating bamboo, the rules give you points when the panda bear eats bamboo. These thematic elements foster a certain amount of conversation. I have plenty of room to set up 3 separate games going at once, so we ought to be able to accomodate as many folks as show up. I have 5 games that I own, and will propose that we play. Any game I have, I am more than willing to teach, and I'll give a few starting strategy hints as the game starts so that you can get a feel for it. It's far more about having fun playing against an opponent thats playing well than having someone feel left behind. There will probably be a number of people that have never played before so please do not feel intimidated if you want to explore the world of board games that you have no doubt been hearing about. and, if you feel so inclined, I have created a facebook event for this that you may share with others: If you want to bring a game, it should fit with this theme. The Dragon House is in West Seattle at 5284 44th Ave SW. It's the North East house on the corner of 44th and Brandon, and right there on the corner there is a 16 foot tall dragon that has been carved out of a tree that grew in that spot (hence the name). Come up the concrete grand entry stairs on 44th just to the north of the dragon, and make your way past the trampoline, and head up the front steps to the house. If you have any trouble finding the place, just call me at (207) 932-6622 and I can talk you in from anywhere. Feel free to bring a beverage or a snack to share, but we will be keeping these OFF the tables and away from the games for the most part. I'm going to list the games that I'd like to play. Feel free to look them up online, they are all very popular in the gaming community, but more importantly they are all really fun to play. Ticket to Ride. This is a train based game where you build railroad segments in order to • What to bring • Important to know

The Dragon House

5284 44th Ave SW (on the corner of 44th and Brandon) · West Seattle, WA

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