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Hi-Tech change is coming at us out of a firehose. Most recent software and hardware innovations are new to us “Newbies” (especially the over 40s) — unless we have mastered them in our professional use (“Nerds”). Even Nerds are Newbies to some innovations.

This Meetup Group is intended to replicate the original MAC User Groups where volunteer Nerds and Macintosh Users shared their experiences in exploring and discovering the many potential uses of the Macintosh.

N&N Meetups will initially start in a general session where a panel of Nerds provides an overview of recent developments and some Q and A. We will then split up into specific interest areas such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

N&N Subgroups for specific hi-tech interest areas can form up, select team leaders and meet or communicate in between general meetups as needed.

This is NOT a group for beginners with no computer experience. “Newbies” should be frequent Users of computers, smartphones or other hi-tech devices who want to learn: 1) what new stuff is best suited for their needs, and 2) how to use hi-tech stuff more productively. All ages of Nerds and Newbies are welcome. There will be time for socializing before and after meetings.

The N&N Meetup provides specialized online Forums (click on the "Discussions" tab) to discuss issues of interest and online polls (click on the "More" tab and scroll down to "Polls") to get feedback from members on what topics and activities they want to see featured at our Meetups.

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