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I'm not available for this event due to the time of day, but I still wanted to get it up here because I've been before and it's a good time! Teams are limited to 6 people, which is why this event is capped at 6. The first place team wins a gift card to the cafe! There's also a random prize gift card for another team. It's really fun with around 10 rounds or so, ranging in anything from science to Arrested Development trivia to "listen to this voice and tell me who it is."

It's a good time.

Trivia starts at 7pm, but you need to get there by 6:30pm because it fills up fast and you need to claim a table! Whoever is there first, claim 5 seats for everyone. Start thinking of a fun name now! Some names I've seen that I think are fun (just as examples)--"Triple Nerd Score," "Chicken Finger Mafia," (reference to Community on NBC) and "The Committee to Re-Elect Mayor Ford."

Come be nerdy with your nerd girl friends!




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