What we're about

This group is for ladies in their 30s (plus or minus a few years) looking for authentic friendships with some really cool yet nerdy women. Some of us may be new to town, or maybe we're just realizing we need some more awesome, genuine friendships in our lives. You might be more inclined to enjoy some wine and a good book rather than go out. You might enjoy deep conversation over tea more than a night at a dance club. You might prefer to have 5 close friends rather than 20 acquaintances. If this sounds like you, you might have hit the nerdy friendship jackpot!

We try new restaurants, play games, watch movies, check out the arts and entertainment, explore the New Orleans area, and much more. If you have ideas, please email the organizer! Let's make this fun and keep it interesting.

Your Hobbies/Interests may include: NPR, knitting, reading, crocheting, quilting, tea and coffee, thoughtful, engaging conversations, learning, cooking, gardening, books, post-graduate studies, exploring nature...

You may describe yourself as: introverted, funny, cerebral, unique, intelligent, fun-loving, genuine...

You might like: movies, food, teahouses, art, book clubs, literature, museums, crafting, game or trivia nights, other cool/nerdy ladies...

Nerdy 30s Ladies of New Orleans is part of a large network of sister cities around the world! You can learn all about Nerdy 30s Ladies, see what other chapters are out there, buy merchandise, and see what trips are upcoming and more, all at www.nerdy30sladies.com.

The only real "rule" is that you keep your RSVP current. After three "no shows" (meaning your RSVP says you'll attend, but you don't show up) you will be removed from the group. There is a 90 day free trial to try out the group and see if you feel at home with these nerdy girls. After 90 days, it is $5/year to stay in the group.

Upcoming events (2)

Book Club: The Fourth

Bayou Wine Garden

It's our fourth book club meeting! Let's soak in some wisdom & warmth from Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed! Can't wait to read and discuss this one! Please only RSVP if you can and will read the entire book, or allow for other members to have the opportunity. Thanks so much!

Captain Marvel

The Broad Theater

Y'all know I am sooo excited to see this movie! Please join me for the release of Marvel's first female-led superhero film, Captain Marvel, at the Broad Theater. This is a great small venue with a cocktail bar and food. Because it is small, getting tickets in advance might be a good idea. I'll be at the theater at least 30 minutes early. Tickets are $11 if purchased here: https://ticketing.us.veezi.com/purchase/20301?siteToken=kw8k81c1gdyhh0x4e8k0e4nvy8

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Galentines Day

Salon by Sucre

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