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Barclays Eagle Labs

County Gates House, 300 Poole Road, Bournemouth · BH12 1AZ

How to find us

There is parking at the venue and at nearby Millburn Road. Due to the time of the event, we will be required to enter through the rear of the building on Princess Road.

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• 18:00 - Doors Open

• 18:10 - Welcome

• 18:15 - Standing out from the Crowd by Harry Porter

• 19:00 - SPA Identity & Access Control with OpenID Connect & IdentityServer 4 by Scott Brady

• 20:00 - Pizza!

• 21:00 - Doors shut (off to the pub!)


There is parking available at the rear of County Gates House, controlled by a security gate. We can't guarantee availability of parking at this location (because reception would quite like to go home instead of manning the intercom...), so if no one answers, there is parking available on Milburn Road (2 minute walk).


The main office building will be closing down by the time most people arrive, so please use the entrance on Princess Road (via the car park) as opposed to the main entrance.

Standing out from the Crowd by Harry Potter

In this lightning talk Harry will aim to take you on a journey from how to get noticed, what to get noticed for and finally how to demonstrate your attributes in a way which resonates with an employer.

Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and gain insights on his experience.

About Harry

Harry is a Client Relationship Manager for Computer Futures. He has worked within Talent for over 6 years and works tirelessly with technology driven businesses to guide them through the minefield of attracting and securing talented technologist.

When Harry isn't with his customers you can often find him at a Technology event or with his head in a book learning more about the ever changing world of technology.

SPA Identity & Access Control with OpenID Connect & IdentityServer 4 by Scott Brady

As software developers, we work in one of the most rapidly changing industries available, and in recent years this has been doubly true when we talk about security. Nowadays we have to accommodate a variety of client applications, hosted on any device, anywhere in the world and this means we must take a closer look at how we handle authentication and authorization when dealing with our protected resources.

In this talk, we’ll take a look at how Single Page Applications, running on a user’s browser, can use OpenID Connect for authentication and OAuth to gain access to data from an API. This will include the limitations of working with the unique security profile of a client side web application, and the measures we must take to secure our data. Once we have covered the basic theory behind identity and access control, OAuth, and OpenID Connect, we will implement IdentityServer 4 as our OpenID Connect Provider and use it to authenticate users for an Angular 4 SPA and authorize access to a ASP.Net Core API.

About Scott

Scott Brady is the Identity & Access Control Lead at Rock Solid Knowledge, a Pluralsight Author, and Speaker. He specialises in IdentityServer and all things Identity, OAuth, and OpenID Connect. He's also a big fan of Azure.

Scott works mainly with C# and ASP.NET Core, creating identity solutions for both external customers and for commercial IdentityServer products. When not working with these technologies he dabbles with languages such as Kotlin, Python, and Typescript.