netsquared kenya supporting -encryption and journalism

This is a past event


Netsquared kenya will be hosting 8 weeks event campaign running an educational campaign about encryption. Did you know that encryption is crucial to helping journalism? encryption has been making journalist make it possible for them to tell us the stories that we need to be told. We believe it’s essential for everyday Internet users to better understand the technology that helps keep the Web a more secure platform.we will pin encryption’s role in helping protect users’ personal, intimate information. We’ will create an animated short that uses plain language to explain how encryption works.we aim to spotlighting how encryption can support not only our personal security, but also how it can play a role in promoting values like free expression that most of us hold dear.we will partner with any of nonprofit organization that supports and defends journalism dedicated to transparency and accountability. increasingly, encryption is playing a huge role in upholding free expression rights