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NetSquared Wellington monthly meet-up

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At this month’s meet-up the crowd will be there to help you with a project, problem or great idea.

We’re going to run the meet-up so that 3-4 people can get in-depth help from everyone else attending. It could be little or big, public or in-house, world changing or changing how you work.

Here’s how we’ll run things:

People with a challenge, problem or great idea can raise their hand to ask for help from the group. Each of the 3-4 people wanting help will briefly outline the background and the key questions they need help with. In response, everyone can chip in with any relevant experiences, resource suggestions and ideas. If you want to put your hand up for help, get in touch with one of the organisers or you can wait to decide at the meeting.

This structure has been tried and tested in many different situations, including by NetSquared groups around the world. If it works well, we can run other similar sessions in 2013.