HUSTLE HOUR - Tech Entrepreneurs Mastermind

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Working on a tech project? Looking to get feedback on your project from other tech entrepreneurs? Need help setting goals and staying accountable?

Join us for HUSTLE HOUR - Tech Entrepreneurs Mastermind group. This is your chance to talk tech, bounce ideas off of others, and set the goals you need to move your project forward.

This is the perfect group for anyone serious about building and acting on their ideas.

In addition to talking about our projects, we also like to set a monthly topic of discussion. Check back for our monthly topic.

As we always do, everyone will get a chance to discuss the progress you've made to date.

- Were you able to accomplish what you set out to do, if so what was your primary learning
- In working on your goals did you encounter any roadblocks?
- Were there any personal development in working through this goal?

- Where there any learning that you encountered that you will be making adjustment for your next goal
- Based on the progress you have made what did you learn about the business that you are working on?
- Any pivot or changes you want to make based on this accomplishment

Next Steps
- Based on this accomplishment what will be the new goal
- Do you need to make adjustment to the pace to ensure success for your next goal

3 Strike No show policy!!!

See you at the meetup!

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