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Join us for the next installment of Netflix Open Source Meetups. Learn more about recently opened components, hear success stories from companies using NetflixOSS.

Featuring talks and demos from both Netflix and the community:

Andrew Spyker will be describing how IBM is using NetflixOSS, beyond winning the Best Sample Mash-Up Application with Acme Air. Specifically, he will be covering the portability work done beyond the cloud prize work of making NetflixOSS work on IBM public cloud.

Matt Bookman from Google will describe how they are using Lipstick, Hadoop, and Big Data on the Google Cloud.

Daniel Chia, from Coursera, will talk about how they are using Priam and Aegisthus

Peter Sankauskas, of AnsWerS and a Netflix Cloud Prize Winner, will talk about how he approached the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize, why Ansible was used, and where things are going next.

Lightning talks and demos on our recently open sourced projects:

- Zeno: Zeno is an in-memory data distribution platform, it contains tools for data quality management and data serialization. At Netflix, we use it to distribute and keep up to date gigabytes of video metadata on tens of thousands of servers across the globe.

- Suro: Suro is a highly scalable and fault tolerant data pipeline that also supports dynamic event multiplexing.

- Aegisthus: Aegisthus is the tool that Netflix uses to bulk unload Cassandra data and make it available to Hadoop systems.

- STAASH: STAASH is a language agnostic and storage agnostic web interface for sql and no-sql stores. The metadata layer hides the complexity of the underlying storage artifacts off-loading complexity from developers.

- PigPen: PigPen is Map-Reduce for Clojure, or Distributed Clojure. You write Clojure code that looks, feels, and tests like it's running locally, and PigPen does the work of running it on thousands of machines.

- S3mper: S3mper is a library that provides consistent listing for the Hadoop stack when using S3 as a filesystem.

Stay tuned for more details! This event is free and open to the public, but please register. We've exceeded capacity in previous meetups.