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Learn how to Start and Run a Network Marketing Downline (The Right Way)

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Price: $49.95 /per person

Ideal Business Center

20 Locust Street Ste: 102 · Danvers, MA

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Are You Tired Of NOT Doing This Right........YET!

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OK, let me be honest here, you are either going to read this and Do Something About It -or- You are going to give up....again. You need someone on your side like a boxer has in between rounds.. ( Plus Lunch is on us. )

Look it all starts with investing in yourself as a SUCCESS. But there is more to it. Mindful Wealth Thinking is a program just for your business.You need a place that is objective from your business group, your company or your Up or Downline. Somewhere that you can practice the art of your business, how to prospect the right people, form what you are going to say without tripping over your own words, WHERE DO YOU GO TO BUILD THE CONFIDENCE YOU NEED? Here, with me and my group of experts who have been doing this for years and with success. Now it's your turn to be successful! Come join us!

This is what we are going over for 2 1/2 hours!

The " You Is It " factor!

The Why I. Q. that will give you the power to do what is necessary to become successful!

The GREATEST fear busters so you can build your business everyday!

Create the daily,weekly,monthly and yearly plan to help you stay organized and ready for wealth.

...And the best part, how to present your business to anyone!

Lunch on us!

Now look, your going to read this and you are either going to pass this by or you will do what The Successful do.... They Do, they learn, they create a plan with others and work it with a mastermind group, well here it is YOUR GROUP outside of your company, your business, your upline. This is the place where you will practice, learn and put into action YOUR PLAN with Professionals!

Now I am only doing this with 25 people, it doesn't matter what company you are from or what MLM, direct sales program, network marketing group, This is will change your business forever. How do I know this, well this was done to me. I was coached by a very successful person and I am passing this along. At the end of this workshop I am going to setup a Mastermind Group of 10 people out of the 25 that I think will get the BEST out of a 12 week program of coaching. Good Luck.

Ask yourself: Am I better off than when I join my_________, and if not why? This could be the MasterMind Group you need.

March 30th 1:00pm - 3:30pm

Ideal Business Center

20 Locist Street

Danvers, Mass 01923

All The Best!


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