What we're about

We are a Tribe of Networking Entrepreneurs who support each other and grow together regardless of your company.

You are a Networking Entrepreneur. You've got your WHY laid out, and you have a Product / Service / Opportunity that you LOVE but something is missing.

Maybe your team mates in your company are in the same city, maybe they are spread across the globe. Maybe your upline is a spectacular trainer and maybe your upline is critical and closed minded. Maybe you feel uplifted, maybe you feel put down. Maybe you're making $0 a month and want to figure out how to change that and maybe you're making $100,000 a month and want to share your knowledge.

You never have to feel Alone, put down, defeated, lost, stuck or confused again.

Here you’ll find unique & fun opportunities, limited-time competitions, and training sessions to help you in your quest to hit that next rank and more than anything else, you'll have your Tribe.

Too often, we as Entrepreneurs are the black sheep of the crowd. Alone in our quest to escape the rat race and surrounded by people who 'just dont get it'. There are a tonne of networking events to go out and Frisbee business cards at people or gather hundreds of business cards from people, but if it were only about that, then everyone single person with a Meetup account would be a millionaire. Its about more than a facebook profile. Real connections with people trying to figure it out too. People who have the same struggles and the same set backs.

Too often, a sponsor or entire team is in another city / Province / Country / Time Zone and its easy to slip into 'I got busy with life and lost momentum'.

Remember how energized you were at your company event? Remember how excited you were with the face to face training and how it felt different than watching it online? But those events seem to be few and far between?

Everyone has access to UNLIMITED knowledge for sales training or your company training online. Countless youtube experts, millions of facebook support groups, and hundreds of people making millions with their training videos. But often whats missing is the energy that comes from getting together in person. Face to Face. Making Real connections instead of online connections.

In this group well will be getting together to do both fun stuff to let loose, personal development to learn how to marry entrepreneurship with life, and trainings to get into the meat of business. We will be masterminding about the hardest parts of running life AND a business, as well as having Guest Trainers around Social Media, Mindset trainings, How to Present Effectively, how to Stop turning your prospects off, how to start Ranking Up in your company! AND we will be going to Paint nights, Ninja nation, beer tastings at Breweries, playing board games, and maybe even a hike or a personal training at a gym because being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle. Its dreams and laundry. Its vacations to exotic destinations and grocery shopping. Its making phone calls to prospects and having a glass of your favourite beverage with friends. All of it.

Welcome to your Tribe.

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