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This Meetup group is no longer affiliatated with Network Plus. To find another Network Plus location: http://www.joinnetworkplus.com

Success Call to you...

It does, doesn’t it? I know it sounds corny but we’ve all heard success calling to us. The question is whether or not we’ve answered the call.

You can find all of our Success Calls meetups at our Success Calls meetup group ( http://www.meetup.com/Success-Calls/ )We’ve re-purposed this Meetup group to be one of 4 our “Success Calls” seminar and assisted networking series. We have 4 meetings monthly in different locations in Northern New Jersey: Elmwood Park, Fairfield, Lincoln Park and Montclair. 3 lunch time meetings and 1 happy hour (Lincoln Park)

Our goal is to offer you an opportunity for learning and development for yourselves or your staff at an affordable price along with the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded individuals. Dawn Johnson, our co-facilitator will help you in this process.

We want to offer you “meaty” mini-seminars that you leave feeling that you have learned something new, brushed up on an existing skill or gained additional insights.

Whether we have 30 people or 3 in attendance, we want you to feel you have spent your time wisely.

These meetings are pay as you go. There are no membership fees, no obligations beyond the $15 cost to attend each meeting. (but if you could buy lunch or dinner, that’d be great – all the venues serve excellent foods and have be chosen for their diversity). Simply come to the one you’re interested. We hope you find it worth your while and come back again to which every locations suits you best, to hear which ever topic is important to you. Please tell your colleagues about us.

4 times each month – choose what’s best for you.

$15 plus your cost of any food/beverages (most meetings feature opportunities for meals under $10)

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