• Real Estate Partnerships - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Webinar)
    Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/317511864452592387 Let's talk about real estate partnerships! Some can be great and others can be a nightmare! Let's talk about the ups and downs of partnership and how you can avoid some of the pitfalls. We'll also discuss the tremendous upside that comes from partnering up! I plan to share the good, the bad and the ugly! Hope you can join us! Please register and save your spot with the link below! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/317511864452592387

    Online Webinar

    Online Webinar · Boston, MA

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  • A Post-Demo Tour with Adam Jaspon
    Adam Jaspon is new to the condo-conversion/development world. He began investing in multi-family buy-and-hold properties in 2013 and has since accumulated 13 rental units. He was working as an engineer in the engine room of ships for the past 7 years and investing on the side. He began planning to make a career change about 18 months ago. He was preparing to start a development business and begin doing condo-conversions. Shortly after leaving his job, he reconnected with Andrew Litchfield. Andrew invited him to look at a few of his projects and come by the office to talk. Andrew, his partner Steve, and Adam decided to partner on this project at 77 Lyndhurst Street in Dorchester. They eventually brought Ryan Moore in and a partnership was born. Centerline Development (Adam's company), Penny Investments (Andrew & Steve), and Moore Investment Group (Ryan Moore) are now partnering on two condo-conversion projects in Dorchester and plan to do many more. 77 Lyndhurst Street is a two-family home in the Melville Park area of Dorchester. The homes in this area have a lot of character and they hope to restore that same charm to this building. They are adding 800 square feet to the rear section of the building and converting the property into two luxury condos. Unit 1 will be a 1,100 square foot 2/2.5 luxury condo. This unit will encompass the entire first floor with a master suite, junior suite, and open concept living & kitchen space, including a rear porch and one deeded parking spot. Unit 2 will be a 1,600 square foot 3/2.5 luxury condo, occupying the second and third floors of the building. The master suite will cover the entire third floor while the remainder of the unit will sit on the second floor. This unit will also include a rear porch and deeded parking spot. The exterior of the building will be a mix of cedar shake and clapboard siding. The front porch will be completely restored and there will be all new landscaping. We hope to see you there!

    77 Lyndhurst Street

    77 Lyndhurst Street · Boston, ma

  • The Millionaire Blueprint
    Here's the truth: You won't become a MILLIONAIRE overnight. Here's another truth: Becoming a MILLIONAIRE is easier than you think. Here's the story: Last year, my wife and I became Millionaires. We are both under the age of 35. Telling you this is not about bragging rights or so you can believe that we are special or that we know something you don't. It's actually the exact opposite! While admitting this defies our natural instinct towards privacy, I have a more burning desire to show you exactly how we achieved this milestone and provide you with one possible blueprint for doing it yourself. My hope is that our story will inspire and provide guidance. During this meeting, I will share: Our backstory and how we got started - Investment strategies we've used and what's worked - The detailed numbers of our personal Real Estate portfolio - Exactly how we purchased our first 20 rental units - How the word LEVERAGE has changed our lives - What tools we use to protect ourselves - Our 5-year goals for an "optional" retirement. Here's the final truth: Becoming a MILLIONAIRE takes patience, hustle, grit, and an actionable, scalable, sustainable plan. I'd love to show you how we did it. The event will be held at WEWORK Cambridge WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies grow together. Teams of any size can find refreshingly designed collaborative space, private offices, and meeting rooms that energize their employees and their guests. But WeWork is so much more than four walls—providing community, amenities, events, and technology to evolve space into experience.

    WeWork - Mass Ave

    625 Massachusetts Ave · Cambridge, MA

  • RE AGENTS: Learn To Triple Your Commissions By Working w/ Investors & Developers
    Online Event: Live Presentation We're going to teach real estate agents an alternative to working with the traditional home buyer and why working with real estate investors can be a more productive use of their time. Topics discussed will include: 1. What the traditional real estate agent does and why so many of them fail. 2. Why building relationships w/ real estate investors can double or triple your income. 3. How to find local investors and developers and how to present yourself as an asset. 4. How investors & developers think and how you can create a win-win environment. 5. How to find distressed properties and other opportunities for your investor clients. 6. Cash flow (buy & hold) vs. Flip Investors - What's the best way to crunch the numbers? 7. How to build a long term business plan that can really help you focus. Register now to save your spot!! http://www.SellMoreBostonRealEstate.com

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  • New-Construction Tour | 18 Rental Units Coming to Dorchester
    Join us out at Platt Development Group's newest project in Dorchester. This 6-unit rental building will be joined by 12 additional new-construction units just across the street, at 109/115 Stanwood Street. During the meeting, Dave and Kyle Gamboni will discuss the following: - Aquisition - Financing - Construction Process and Challenges - Construction and Project Costs - Rental Comps & Pricing We will always have a networking opportunity before and after the presentation so bring lots of business cards and questions! See you there! Willie Mandrell

    41 Oldsfield Road, Dorchester

    41 Oldsfield Road, Dorchester bowdoin · Boston, ma

  • West Medford Condo Conversion - Rehab Tour
    Come check out our latest conversion project in West Medford. This 3 family home is receiving a top to bottom make over!! During the meeting we will discuss the following: - Aquisition - Financing - Construction Process and Challenges - Construction and Project Costs - Sales Comps & Pricing We will always have a networking opportunity before and after the presentation so bring lots of business cards and questions! Willie Mandrell & Peter Bartash

    Medford Condos

    5 Irving Street · Medford , ma

  • FINAL REVEAL @ 22 Alpha Road
    This event was canceled.
  • Drink. Eat. Network. Local RE Investor Gathering
    Come join us for a laidback evening of drinks, appetizers, and networking. This is an informal gathering for Boston-area Real Estate Investors. It's a great opportunity to meet potential partners, money sources, sub contractors, mentors and so many other great connections. Looking to push forward with your investing career? Here's your chance to surround yourself with people who want to do the same! Looking forward to seeing you there! Event sponsored by Eagle Bank Find out more about Eagle @ http://www.BankEagle.com/

    Somerville Brewing Company

    15 Ward St · Somerville

  • Dorchester Renovation Tour | ROCK Development - CANCELED!!
    Andrew Litchfield of ROCK Development has invited us to tour one of his latest Dorchester Renovation Projects. We'll have an in-depth discussion on his entire experience with this project, from acquisition, financing, and construction costs to anticipated vs. actual profit and project complications/challenges. As always, bring your enthusiasm and questions! For more on Andrew Litchfield or ROCK Development, visit: http://www.builtbyrock.com/

    This Meetup is past

    39 Rosseter Street

    39 Rosseter Street · Boston, ma

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  • Learn How To Recruit & Structure Private $$ For Your Real Estate Deals (Webinar)
    Learn to recruit private money for your real estate deals. Learn the ins and outs of structuring debt & equity with individual lenders. Some of the questions answered on this webinar will include: - What is private money and how can it help me? - How do I find private money lenders and how do I sell myself? - What's the difference between debt and equity and which is better? - Is private money risky and when should I consider this option? - What's the difference between private money and hard money? - I have some cash to invest. Should I become a private lender? Further details and webinar link to follow.

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