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NETWRKON PRESENTS: #3XBGB 30 Day 3X Business Growth Bootcamp You are officially invited to the 30 Day 3X Business & Start-Up Growth Bootcamp launch event on Thursday January 3rd Let's be honest, we can both agree that networking is and should be a progressive path towards growing our business and serving our customers with the utmost value, right? Yet many of you came back with a major problem....there was no major growth in your current business or the launch of your business.... There was no major financial growth, no major business growth, and worst of all, most “business ideas” stayed as just that… Ideas. Right now, all of that is set to change this coming January 3rd As a business we're here to solve problems, that's why we've sponsored the First Annual 30-Day 3X Business Growth Bootcamp. Taking place once a weekend, every weekend for the month of January focused on setting your business growth plan for 2019 as well as working alongside you with hands on workshops to set the stage to 3X your business. RSVP Here to reserve your seat in attending the First Annual local Houston 30 Day 3X Intensive Business & Start-Up Boot-camp launch event this January 3rd at 6pm to meet the host, learn more about the breakdown of the bootcamp and network with fellow business owners & entrepreneurs who will be growing their business alongside you during the bootcamp for the New Year. -If you've found yourself at a plateau or not reaching the growth you imagined in your business then this is for you -If you've found yourself stuck with barely enough business to get by then this is for you -If you've found yourself lost and looking for the right way to market & advertise your business then this is for you -If you don't know anything about marketing, sales, and doing what works best today then this is for you -If you are looking for other business owners that want to grow and want to grow together then this is for you We’re Taking You By The Hand, Step By Step, From Nothing To Something, From X To 3X. In this Business boot-camp for the month of January we are meeting up every weekend for 4 total workshops that WILL set the foundation for 3x returns for the year 2019. Some of you will 3X in 30 days some of you will 3X in 60 days But ALL of you will 3X by the end of 2019 Workshops will be hosted by our sponsored Marketing & High Ticket Sales Expert working side by side to set up your customized 2019 Marketing strategy, landing pages, sales funnels, sales processes, and monthly check-ins to make sure you hit your 3X goal. The official introduction launch and sample to the bootcamp will be a FREE kick-off and networking event this January the 3rd covering the above-mentioned topics with bonuses to help you get the growth you need for your business. Register HERE to RSVP before all seats are reserved and then keep an eye on your inbox for further details and location! Attendees to the January 3rd launch event also get a free +1 to bring a spouse or business partner. Register for the January 3rd Bootcamp Introduction & Networking Event today before all seats are reserved. If you have any business, idea, or hit a plateau, then this event is for you. Join us in the launch on the January 3rd here in Houston TX [Address to be announced shortly] and bring a friend, business partner, or spouse. Meet the community that will be growing with you and start a path to massive growth for the start of the 2019. All workshops will be hosted here in Houston, Texas. Register Here or below and fill out the information to the best of your knowledge so we can cater everything to your needs to hit this goal.

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Like us on facebook.com (http://www.facebook.com/networkwithatwist) Click here for free tickets (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/show-and-tell-tickets-40038323704) Do you have a product, service, idea, event or organization that you want to share with your fellow professionals in the City? This is your opportunity for exposure. Please, feel free to sign up for this wonderful spin on a networking event. This event will help you prepare a compelling sale's pitch to your target audience, all while having fun doing so, We are only accepting 5 participants (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/show-and-tell-tickets-40038323704)per event for a total 3-5min each. Your presentation should be compelling. In addition, you will be judged by your potential customers, the winner will recieve a prize from our staff. This event is perfect professionals who are: • Entreprenuers • Social Influencers • Sales/Marketing professionals • Innovators/Tech professionals Price: Admission is free to the public Paricipants: (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/show-and-tell-tickets-40038323704) $50.00 early bird $65.00 - Regular registration. Light refreshments will be served Schedule: January 18, 2017 - 6:30- 7:00pm - Networking - 7:00- 8:00pm - Show and Tell - 8:00 -9:00pm - Closing remarks/Networking Click here for free tickets (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/show-and-tell-tickets-40038323704) Happy Networking, Network With a Twist

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