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"Change unwanted patterns and have a life you love!" We will be using the amazing techniques of NLP (nuero Linguistic Programming) to change the stuck states in our brain that keep us from having all that we want.

You are welcome here. We look forward to meeting you in the months to come.

Tim Gallagher and Cinthia Dennis

Tim Gallagher

Tim is a MA, NLP ( Neuro Linguistics Programming ) Practitioner. He has worked with 100’s of clients to help permanently remove the blocks and unwanted patterns that keep them stuck so that they can live the life they want. Without obstacles standing in our way, we have the freedom and lack of resistance to achieve our life’s work, personal goals, find love in ourselves and with others, have healthy relationships, a stronger sense of self-worth (“I’m worthy, deserving, and lovable”), be more motivated and excited about life. The results that come from NLP change work is permanent and profound. The clients that Tim has worked with see amazing results in a rather short period of time, typically six months on average, seeing them only once a month.

Cinthia Dennis

Cinthia began to study NLP in order to better understand how I could help the future adult lives of my young students. After 10 years in the child development field and receiving my Masters in NLP, she began to focus more on helping adults shift their beliefs and identity so that they could finally have the lives that they truly want and deserve. Cinthia has over 10 years of NLP experience and helping people overcome many different kinds of stuck situations and have had the pleasure of witnessing huge changes in my clients’ lives.

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