• NLP For removing the blocks to your best life and best self
    NLP tools for removing the blocks to living your best life and being your best self. I invite you to look deep inside and ask yourself, “What is it that I truly desire in my life that I don’t have yet?” *Optimal health? *An amazing love life? *Money and abundance? *A career that you love? *Tapping into your creative self? *Living your true purpose? Whatever it is that you want for yourself it is possible! If you haven’t achieved your ultimate life yet, there might be some hidden blocks getting in your way. If you are ready to finally step into your highest self, we invite you to come join us for this 2 hour experiential NLP workshop where you will: *learn the #1 secret to achieving your goals quickly and effortlessly, using NLP techniques (neuro re-patterning). *Discover techniques you can use right away to make your goals stick. *Uncover the biggest block you might have to becoming successful in achieving your dreams. * Re-new your motivation and get back on track. Are you ready for a life worth living? Let’s get this life party started!!! Don’t waste any more precious time. Come join us on May 7th for this hands on workshop designed to ramp up the juicy life that is waiting for you. Please arrive by 11:30 AM to get settled in. Doors close right at 11:45 AM About the facilitator: Cinthia Dennis is a Master NLP (Neuro Re-pattenring Practitioner) She has had the pleasure of helping her clients achieve their goals and create juicy lives for over 13 years. NLP is a powerful modality focused on how patterns in the brain can get people stuck. It is designed to unwire and rewire the neurology and belief systems so people can have lives they want.

    Workshop space

    275 5th Street 4th Floor · San Francisco, CA