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This group is intended for women who are diagnosed (or self-diagnosed) with autism/aspergers, ADHD/LD, or similar. This is a group lead by neurodiverse women. We're going to get together to have fun! My name is Dana and I'm the principal organizer. I'm also going to use this group as a platform to get the word out about a more formal small-group support program that I'm working on starting.

This is a group for neurodiverse women and girls only. This is not a group for men, or for women who have children on the spectrum but do not see themselves as ND. Neurodiversity is an idea that was started by people on the autism spectrum, to describe themselves in a way that isn't a syndrome or a disorder. Today, some people with similar cognitive differences use the term as well. For example, some people with ADHD and specific learning disabilities use it. Being self-diagnosed is fine! We just ask that you come here for YOU. (If you need help with a child, relative, or friend on the spectrum, you can contact Dana directly. She does have a coaching service that may be exactly what you are looking for.)

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Morristown Diner

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Morristown Diner

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