What we're about

Neurofeedback is a state of the art brain training technology for many life benefits , such as

Sleeping ,

Sharper thinking ,

Less stress ,

Self-esteem ,

More energy ,

Feeling refreshed ,

The alleviation of suffering ,

Better life choices for health and well-being ,

Joy ,

Focusing ,

The sprouting of creativity ,

Being in flow during the day ,

Clear mindedness ,

Assertiveness ,

Energetic transformation ,

Being comfortable in social situations ,

and others.

The results are so diverse and so far-reaching because neurofeedback can read the full brain's activity , making changes in all aspects of human life.

Periodically we will announce events where you can participate and be informed about the technology we use , NeurOptimal®.

You can find us at http://www.life-arts.nl

Upcoming events (1)

Introduction to neurofeedback

Paradijslaan 34A

When life gives you stress , we give you neurofeedback. Designed by clinical PhD psychologists , NeurOptimal is the only nonlinear dynamical neurofeedback system today. In this event you will have the chance to know the details of the technology , including a live demonstration of the training. Entry is for free. Timetable : 19:00 Greetings 19:15 Event starts 20:00 Some time for demo sessions 20:30 Event ends This event will take place at Paradijslaan 34 , 5611 KN , Second floor (hit 34a Brainpeace on the doorbell) https://goo.gl/maps/iREPzjz3sLk41dLc7 More information about neurofeedback at https://www.life-arts.nl

Past events (2)

October 25th : Introductory event

Paradijslaan 34A

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