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I am pleased to be hosting soon a new intimate Dream Harvesting® series limited to 6 dreamers
I am into guiding you, dreamers, to massage the language of the dream and lead you to your own innermost knowing. Rather than telling what a symbol means or may mean, I am passionate about leading dreamers through a process of conversation with the dream, so that you become more intimate with what that symbol represents for you. It is true that there is a universal language that deserves to be understood by practicing the conversation; yet, owning an Italian dictionary doesn't equate knowing how to speak Italian. We will empower experience, unveil the immense wisdom of the deep mind. A dream is ultimately incompatible with machine translation; it invites an intimate lovemaking with a REVELATION.

Nevada City, CA: series of 3 - 3 consecutive Thursday at 5:30pm December 12, 19 and 26.

Reserve here by messaging me or calling 530-2779513. The harvesting 'liveline' reservation is open until December 7, 9 am! See you there.

About Anyes:
Anyes has been practicing Hypnotherapy for 16 years and teaching it for 7. Thus, she has been in conversation with the deep mind for many hours of the day, and is familiar with its language. She has studied and attended seminars and workshops with dream and intuition experts Greg Bogart, Phd, David Sowerby, Phd, as well as Toko-pa. She is passionate about developing a feminine approach to dreamwork with suits dreamers of all genders. In addition to small group Dream Harvesting, she also offers invididual 1-hour sessions to those who prefer a private setting.

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