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Limitless freedom awaits you. It is ever available and it's not going anywhere. The limitless light which births the entire creation, this dream of you and me, is your real and true nature. You are not limited. You are not small nor are you incomplete.

You are the light.

This beautiful and intricate dream creation is the most divine of gifts. It is your invitation, made out of you and given to you, to facilitate the discovery of the eternal truth of yourself beyond it. Both suffering and joy have the power to guide you home. Without suffering we would not seek. Without joy we would not find. The limitless light of awareness, loves all forms of experience equally and fully.

When we have transcended all sense of duality, limitation, subjectivity, and personal identification, we can begin to live as our limitless self. It is only when we have truly realized our free nature, that we may shine as a warm spot within this beautiful dream of limitation, encouraging others to accept the same invitation.

To truly transcend, also means to realize that you are That to which transcendence does not apply. Change is confined to the dream. You are not. Awakening, is something that happens to one who is still inside the illusory dream of relativity.

In truth, you are already the One reality that is beyond awakening.

Satsang means to meet in the company of Truth. If you are ready to surrender the pain of separation, and the fire for freedom is burning inside you, I can address your questions and help you see this truth.

This group will from time to time host gatherings exploring topics of non-duality, meditation, consciousness, awareness, etc. The intention is to offer simple, powerful and applicable viewpoints and perspectives, to enable all of us to knowingly transcend the dream of duality and separation.

I look forward to seeing you.



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