Next Meetup

Join with other national Never Trump groups to resist the Trump administration
We have the wonderful Duck Club in Irvine, at no charge, to meet and coordinate our activities to resist the worst abuses of Trump and his administration. We can meet the third Sunday of each month, usually at 4:30 pm, and we hope that many of you will join us. We have some important jobs to do: start planning right now to take over Congress in 2018, and hear from important groups like those fighting global warming and climate change how we can continue California's important work on that front. First, however, we want to show our strength by joining together in the nearest large Million Women's March in Los Angeles. At our meeting on January 15, we can make signs and plan car pools, as well as lay out some plans for how we go forward in February.

The Duck Club, IRWD

15 Riparian View · Irvine, CA