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NOTE: We get a LOT of people asking if this group is for new comers?!?! The answer is YES! We have new people show up all the time, many who have very little experience in 99% of the games out there. Our group loves to teach and we're all good at explaining rules etc. There are no rule lawyers in this group! Most of us are very extroverted as well. After all... socializing is key to enjoying a good board game session. We always are a very mixed group of guys and girls so no matter your gender or ethnicity this is a great place to mesh with other gamers.

DISCLAIMER: I feel it is my duty to describe the atmosphere of this meetup as it may not be for everyone. We can get loud and rambunctious. This is not a child safe zone and if you are offended by certain rated R words then this isn't the place for you. There are adults drinking and laughing and having a blast so if you're looking for a quiet library game setting, this isn't for you. However, in the almost four years I've been running these at my house I've never had to ask anyone to calm down or leave. Everyone that has shown up has been respectful of others and the games themselves.

This group is for laid back people who want to get together and play board games in the New Braunfels area. American and Euro games are welcome, as well as miniature games/ war games. I'm also a huge video game guy so for those interested we may have some video game meet-ups as well. Feel free to brings snacks and drinks are fine as long as you are responsible about it. Also, please be respectful of all the games and gamers. I'm very careful with my games and we all expect the same from everyone attending.

ANOTHER NOTE: For those looking for a more FAMILY FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT. ALL the Events that take place with CHILDS PLACE GAMES AND GEEKERY are geared toward kids of all ages and families. Joe and Sarah have finally completed a small dream of their by opening a game store in downtown New Braunfels and it has plenty of space to bring the wife/husband/kids and enjoy some quality social time together. If you haven't been there yet, do yourself a favor and check it out!


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